COVID Creativity (and Craziness)  


My how the world has changed!  It all reminds me of what has been termed “bullet time” from the Matrix movies – things are simultaneously changing on an hourly basis (warp speed) while at the same time, it feels like the world has slowed down dramatically.

For our religious leaders, time has indeed gone into overdrive as they have, practically overnight, learned a combination of Zoom, Skype, podcasting, social media, video recording and/or editing – all without a congregation physically in front of them.  They are updating websites, sending out emails, recording devotions and services, reading bedtime stories, calling members at home – the creativity is amazing (and exhausting), trying to be a pastoral presence at a time when they are not allowed to be physically present.  Their very identity and workload have been flipped around (like so many of us these days). Many are also dealing with kids and spouses being home and all the responsibilities that go with that.

Those additional responsibilities are making some of them feel like they are, ironically, not doing enough, even though they are doing more than ever before, just not what they used to do.  Many of my clients have spoken about concern for their colleagues over-functioning, trying to do everything I listed above and more.

In the midst of this crisis, we are all also dealing with the actual virus itself.  I have not seen this movie (just not into thrillers), but our current situation reminds me of the commercials I’ve seen for the movie “The Invisible Man”. Since people can carry the virus and be asymptomatic means that it could be anywhere, lingering on any surface, within anyone we encounter – an invisible evil.

Slow down!  This is happening to all of us.

Slow down! You are enough.  And you are doing great!

Have you ever driven on a road with a 55-mph speed limit and then turned onto a road with a speed limit of 25?  It feels like you are crawling. But remember – you are driving the limit.  Why is it slower? Because there are additional distractions, crossroads and family members around. YOU are dealing with distractions, crossroads, new technology you are learning, worship you are planning and children around.  The speed limit has been lowered.  Follow the speed limit.  Please! For everyone’s health and safety. And when there is bad weather – we are told not to even drive the speed limit but to drive in accordance with the conditions.

In the days and weeks ahead – please drive in accordance with the conditions.  Slow down.

God is doing amazing things amid this chaos!  Lean on God!




I want to give a shout out to the judicatory leaders (Bishops and staffs) who have been giving heroic support in a variety of ways, as well as providing resources upon resources!  I am grateful for them!  – Barbara

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