Life coaching

Life Coaching Allows You to . . .

What is Life Coaching?

Life Coaching is a safe, objective place to talk about the challenges you face in ministry or in life. You’ll find that an authentic, accountable relationship with a coach who believes in you will enable you to do things you never could on your own.

Life coaching is about you. Life coaching is not therapy, counseling, advice-giving, discipleship, mentoring or spiritual direction. Life coaching is a unique professional relationship where you will be encouraged, challenged, and inspired to think creatively and motivated to intentionally move from where you are now to where you want to be, where God wants you to be.

Imagine more energy and passion for your ministry and life! Coaching empowers you to discover and live the life you were called to live. As your coach, we can help you order your life around the things you value most and help you more fully experience the “abundant life” God calls you to.

Why have a Life Coach?

A coach’s job is to get you unstuck, and they do this with a number of tools, techniques, and processes designed to help you find what drives you, where you want to go, and the best way to get there.

A Life Coach can give you support, encouragement, wisdom and accountability, so you can:

• Discover what’s most important
• Eliminate or reduce obstacles
• Increase your energy
• Love your life!

Why have a CLERGY Life Coach?

Working with clergy has been a unique blessing as we have the privilege of walking alongside ministry leaders as they:

• Deepen their Spiritual Walk
• Tend to Self care
• Find Balance in Ministry
• Set and Achieve Ministry & Life Goals
• Rediscover Sabbath Taking
• Navigate Transition & their Calling

Additional Resources

We also provide a range of resources (including some free tools) to help you reach your goals!

Convenient & Flexible

Coaching calls are scheduled and entered in your calendar just like any other appointment. However, instead of traveling to an office for a prearranged meeting, you simply pick up the phone and start! Clients find telephone coaching appealing, efficient, and cost-effective. You will be amazed at what you will accomplish during each coaching call!

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