Spiritual Direction

What Does Spiritual Direction Mean?

Spiritual direction is an ancient practice rooted in Holy Scripture and contemplation. Beginning in the fourth century, people sought spiritual guidance with the early Christian monastics in the deserts of Palestine and Egypt.  This practice has continued until today.  Although there are some similarities to counseling and coaching, the primary difference is that the focus of spiritual direction is on a person’s relationship with God.

“Spiritually, we cannot make it through the desert or across the frontier alone, but must depend on the kindness of strangers. Yet those strangers upon whom we depend are not really strangers, but our sisters and brothers in Christ. They are the hosts, the givers of hospitality, who sustain us on the journey, our spiritual friends and directors …”    – Margaret Guenther, Holy Listening

What is a Spiritual Director?

Spiritual Directors are listeners. They offer a ministry of hospitality – holding space for each individual – listening in a spirit of compassion and love. They are contemplative and compassionate sojourners exploring the questions and stories we bring to God through caring questions, scriptures, silence and prayer.  During meetings with a spiritual director, careful attention is paid to the movement of the Holy Spirit in your life.

Spiritual directors are companions who support the unique spiritual journey of every individual. They help us identify and respond to the presence of God’s grace in our lives. They are welcoming and present with those with whom they companion; listening and responding without being judgmental.

Convenient & Flexible

Spiritual Direction calls are scheduled and entered in your calendar just like any other appointment. However, instead of traveling to an office for a prearranged meeting, you simply pick up the phone and start! Clients find telephone coaching appealing, efficient, and cost-effective.

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