The Discernment Project

Are you feeling distanced from God?
Are you doing too much?
Is much of what you are doing outside of your passionate and gifted zone?
Are you maybe even questioning your very call to ministry?

IMAGINE being able to:
Feel closer to God!
Have more confidence in your ministry and life!
Be reminded of all the ways you ARE gifted for ministry!
Do more of that which you are gifted at and passionate about!
Discover your deep held values and align your life to them!
Get reconnected with your original call to ministry!

It is frustrating to see so many people in ministry exhausted and feeling beat up. It’s not okay! When a tire on a car is out of alignment, it is going to wear down faster and eventually blow out.

So will we.

So, how do you get back in alignment? You need a coaching partner to walk alongside you, to hold a mirror up to you, to give you the space to hear the Holy Spirit, to be reminded of your accomplishments, to give you permission to work out of your giftedness, to be aligned with your values and feel inspired in your work and life! Doesn’t that sound lovely?

Here at Clergy Life Coaching, we are passionate about walking alongside people in ministry who want to get reconnected to their call to ministry and to God. They want to

  • build their confidence by working out of their gifted in and passionate zone.
  • work in alignment with their values, regaining their precious energy not only for their ministry but for their family and friends and for themselves.

We have had a lot of clients come to us because they were feeling disconnected from God, unsure about their call to ministry, not sure if they were even in the right call.

They were doing so many things in ministry that were time consuming, not within their area of giftedness, not even necessarily ministry related.

Their confidence and energy were low. They were exhausted. And what do you do when you’re exhausted? More! It feels easier to do it yourself than to take the energy to ask for or train someone else to do it. This was the gerbil wheel they were running on and they wanted off!

These clients wanted

  • a deeper connection to God.
  • more balance between their ministry and their life.
  • to do more ministry in the areas they were gifted in and
  • less of the tasks that drained them.
  • to build up their confidence again, regaining energy and passion for ministry and for life!

The Discernment Project

The Discernment Project is grounded in a Dwelling in the Word process so that you are in a constant state of listening to God, spending some time with God that is not sermon or bible study-prep related! If there were a theme verse for this process, it would be “Create in me a clean heart, oh God, and renew a right spirit within me!”

The Discernment Project is like having an on-demand life coach at your fingertips! I will be with you every step of the way! There are video introductions to every module, lesson and worksheet in this process.

You will walk away having a clear sense of

  • who you are,
  • how you are wired.

You will feel

  • more in control,
  • more confident,
  • doing more of what you are passionate about in ministry.

You will be able to discern your next steps whether it be staying in your current ministry, moving on to another ministry or site, or even, stepping away from ministry for a season.

The Discernment Project is equivalent to having over 50 hours of personalized coaching,

You have so many voices telling you what your priorities should be. Give yourself the gift of taking time to listen to YOUR voice, to listen to GOD’s voice!

Is The Discernment Project right for you?

The Discernment Project IS for YOU if you are craving a renewed spirit for your ministry and life.

The Discernment Project IS for YOU if you want to have a renewed joy and confidence in the direction of your ministry and life!

The Discernment Project IS for YOU if you want to get reconnected to your gifts and passions for ministry.

The Discernment Project IS for YOU if who want to discover your core values and to begin to live your life in alignment with those values.

The Discernment Project IS for YOU if you are willing to put in some time for this process because YOU are worth it!

The Discernment Project is NOT for those who are already feeling in complete alignment in their ministry, fully confident in that they are right where they feel God is calling them to, where their gifts and passions are being fully utilized to the Glory of God!

The Discernment Project is NOT for those who are not willing to take the time to dwell in God’s word, listening to God’s voice throughout this program.

The Discernment Project is NOT for people who are not ready to put in the work.

And The Discernment Project is NOT for those who are discerning their original call to ministry, this is only for those of you who are already in a called ministry for at least two years, you have already been driving the car for a while and want to check the alignment of your tires to make sure they are in alignment, so they won’t wear down faster.

Clergy Life Coaching Icon

The Discernment Project is the closest thing to having a clergy coach with you every step of the way but WITHOUT the personal coach cost, in fact, just one session with a professional clergy coach would cost you a minimum of $100 = this course would easily cost over $5,000.

With The Discernment Project you get the same results – for a fraction of the cost.

What Is Inside The Discernment Project?

Setting the Stage

You are going to create a baseline as to where you are at the beginning of The Discernment Project in order to see how far you have come by the end – while also creating a picture of where you would like that end to be.

My Vocational Calling

You are going to take intentional time to evaluate your call to ministry, to your friends and family and to your very self, putting time into creating more balance between those callings.

Gifts and Passions

You are going to identify and reconnect with your specific gifts and passions, making sure that you intentionally spend most of your time working out of that gifted and passionate zone and delegating as much as possible out of that not gifted-in and not passionate-about zone.

Wins and Accomplishments

You are going to walk away with a body of evidence of your wins and accomplishments in ministry and life! Yay, YOU!! Way To Go!

Values Identified and Aligned

You are going to identify your core values and align your work and life around those core values which will help you when you are choosing between two good important tasks before you!

Values Identified and Aligned (Cont.)

You will continue to identify your core values and align your work and life around those core values which will help you when you are choosing between two good important tasks before you!

Dream Job

You are going to dream and DREAM BIG as to what your dream job or call or ministry might be and even if that takes you away from official ministry, then there will be a worksheet to help you to identify transferable skills that will be valuable in the secular marketplace – OR perhaps you are looking at going bi-vocational, this exercise will help you with that journey as well.

Should I Stay or Should I Go?

Finally, you are going to look at the entire body of evidence that you have collected on this journey and bring it all together, allowing you to listen to yourself and to God, answering the question Should I Stay or Should I Go and if “Go” then where?!

What is in each Module?

This program is grounded in scripture, so every module begins with an introductory video with a scripture to be used for Dwelling in the Word, listening to God’s voice. You will have the scripture printed out but there is also an audio recording of the scripture with two different voices so you can hear the scripture as well.

You will have four additional videos and worksheets to dig deeper into the subject of the module, taking you on a journey of discovery of who you are, how you are wired, and how best to maximize your uniqueness, focusing on you becoming more balanced, living in your gifted and passionate zone, living and working from your core values, creating the ideal position for you and finally, bringing it all together to hear where and what you are being drawn to. Keep in mind, that place might be exactly where you are at, it is just that you will move forward with intention, or it might be some place very different. But that is for you and God to discover together!

The final lesson of every module has you revisit your greatest insight from the module (to reinforce that learning) followed by an additional challenge to let the lesson from that module take root!

You will have access to The Discernment Project for a FULL YEAR so you can go at your own pace, getting a coaching experience without the pro-coach price tag!

Instant Access

You can get started straight away, and work through it all at your own pace – no waiting for modules to unlock.

100% SATISFACTION Guarantee!

I am so sure that The Discernment Project will help you be more confident and clear about the direction God is calling you, that I’m offering a 100% guarantee.

If for any reason you join the program and aren’t happy with the program, email me at and I will do my best to help you. If, however, you still aren’t happy –I will give you a full refund*.

*Please note that any refunds HAVE to be requested within 30 days of purchase and you will need to have completed the first two modules.

Work at your own pace

This 8-module course is all online so you can complete it at your own pace. It’s easy to navigate and download resources!

Discernment Project