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“My passion is working with people in ministry…” 

— Barbara Solsaa

We have a passion for working with people in ministry! 

— Barbara Solsaa

“My passion is working with people in ministry…” 

— Barbara Solsaa


Retreats allow individuals space to reflect and listen. They can be fertile ground for self-discovery and group connectedness. We can’t be healthy alone, being in a safe space to share and listen builds community.

You may want to create space for sabbath, creativity, conversation or spiritual growth. A retreat can provide a space to listen with intention, process with one-another, consider what a proposed change may mean for individuals, or the collective whole. A retreat offers an opportunity to grow in your faith practices while honoring sabbath practice.

As a retreat facilitator, our coach Deacon Tammy Devine has a variety of tools that support reflection, conversation, and invites space and openness to see God at work in one’s life. If you are interested in gathering colleagues, teams, or a group of friends to step away for a time of retreat, she has some ideas for resources that can support you. Gatherings can be customized to your needs and range from 2 hours to a day and half retreat.

If you are interested in a retreat or would like more information, please contact Deacon Tammy Devine at 952-200-5183 or


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About Tammy L. Devine

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Tammy Devine

Tammy Devine is excited to share her passion for health, healing and wholeness and a leader in whole person well-being. Devine, joined Clergy Life Coaching a year and half ago. She previously served as the ELCA Wellness Manager with Portico Benefit Services. Devine continues to live out her call of walking with God’s people as a coach, retreat leader and consultant. Our newsletter this month shares another way to walk with groups supporting their journey to live as whole and holy people of God.




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