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Empowering Clergy
in their Ministries and Lives
through the Power of Coaching!
Empowering Clergy
in their Ministries and Lives
through the Power of Coaching!
Empowering Clergy
in their Ministries and Lives
through the Power of Coaching!

As a pastor or ministry leader, are you feeling...

You are not alone!

Perhaps you can relate to the disciples, faced with the prospect of feeding 5,000 hungry mouths with just a few loaves and fishes. Sometimes the needs are overwhelmingly greater than the resources at your disposal, and not just the physical resources, but the emotional and spiritual ones as well.

As a pastor or ministry leader, you walk alongside others, helping them grow in their faith, meet God in their circumstances, and seek a faith that is real.

Who is walking with you?

Imagine a time set apart to focus on you and your God-given goals.

Clergy Life Coaching is a dynamic partnership that helps you...

Create balance and boundaries (ministry, self, family)
Get beyond feeling stuck or overwhelmed
Build confidence
Attend to Sabbath-taking and self-care
Refill your spiritual cup
Reach the goals or develop the ministries God has placed in your heart


Imagine more energy and passion for your ministry and life!

Coaching empowers you to discover and live the life you were called to live. As your coach, we can help you order your life around the things you value most and help you more fully experience the "abundant life" God calls you to.

A few months of coaching can powerfully change the way you live the rest of your life!


It works!

Just hear how Clergy Life Coaching has helped pastors just like you...


"I have tried individual Spiritual Direction, Clergy Group Spiritual Direction and participated in other coaching programs. All these experiences were good but I was always looking for something more substantial and now I have found that in working with [Clergy Life Coaching]. The benefits of Clergy Life Coaching directly benefit me the pastor but then this blessing extends out to my family and congregations as well."


"Having worked with a Clergy Life Coach over the last 3 months, I have much more confidence in the long term sustainability of my career as a parish pastor...her support has helped me to steward my time, energy, and gifts without apology."


"Each session enabled me to look through new lenses as my professional, and personal goals were evaluated and developed...The result has been very positive and beneficial to my personal and professional life."


(You can read more testimonials here)


Ready? Let's get started!

Want to get started on figuring out where coaching might be helpful? Check out the About Life Coaching page.


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